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Meaning of SEO: It is without a doubt, that SEO (search engine optimization), is one of the cost-effective sources of traffic, which includes your website or blog showing up on the front or first page of google search results for a specific keyword. But this method can be somewhat tasking, because of the opposition in it.

It takes a while to get there, but the outcome is breathtaking and absolutely worth the time with firm traffic coming into your website. There are three ways to endorse your content on google. But I shall be talking about two, which are more vital.

SEM (Search engine marketing).

SEM is the process whereby, you rank for a particular keyword using Google AdWords. The modification between SEM and SEO is that SEM is paid while the second is free. SEO is like a branch of SEM. Take for instance, when you type in a particular query to google search engine a whole lot of results will appear on your screen.

If any site on the search results has an Ad attached to it, that means the site or company is using Google AdWords to rank or sponsor their content. Google AdWords can be used to reduce the rate of competition between your site and other websites trying to rank for a specific keyword.

It provides you an advantage over other websites and blogs opposing you for the same keywords. The below image shows a sample of a site using Google AdWords to promote its content.

SEO, WHAT IS SEO? (Search engine optimization).

The meaning of SEO is the method of enhancing your web content to develop more visibility on Google’s first page, be it a video content or an article. This technique is totally free and more used, but can be somewhat demanding and competitive particularly when the keyword you are trying to rank for has high monthly search and with high CPC (Cost per click). It is sensible to do your keyword research before trying to rank for any keyword. Or else it won’t make it to google the first page and all your energy will go to waste.

KEYWORD RESEARCH (the meaning of SEO)

Keyword research gives you directions on what keywords you should write about. There is much software for doing keyword research. I use ubersuggest for my keyword research which gives me awareness about my keywords, it also offers more keywords ideas that you can opt for.

It can be somewhat tough to rank a new blog, not because of poor quality or poor content but because your blog needs some authority. Google loves website that is popular and good. A blog that is full of plagiarized content (copy and paste) will never see the sunlit of Google front page.

Let’s take a look at ways that can help boost our presences on google search.


Off-page SEO basically means the workings that have to be or need to be done outside your blog. Let’s take a look at some off-page SEO that should be done outside your blog, I will talk primarily about backlinks, and guest post, how it can give backlinks, and fetch you great traffic. Let’s hop in.

BACKLINKS (the meaning of SEO)

What are Backlinks? Backlinks are simply the links directing to your website or blog from external blogs. Backlinks are a vital part of SEO and they contribute largely to ranking. You can though rank without backlinks but they give you more advantages to other blogs. Backlinks will give your blog a superiority, particularly when the backlinks are coming from authority websites. That is blogs that are popular with high DA and PA.

Backlinks from popular blogs can increase your DA and PA (Domain authority and page authority). If you really want to rank on google front page, you ought to start building backlinks. You can purchase backlinks from

But I wouldn’t endorse that for you, because your blog could get sanctioned by google. I would recommend you start building your links manually, build relationship with blogs with high authority.

In that way, then can give you a backlink with an anchor text that can lead people to your blog. Another method people use to build backlinks is through PBN (Private blog network).

A PBN is a website that has expired, you can buy a PBN and use it to give your new blog backlinks. This technique is somewhat technical because it needs total professionalism and could get penalized if caught, that is why you need an expert to build a PBN for you.

meaning of seo


Backlinks are vital to the rank they can make you rank quicker and effortlessly, but they are quite difficult to build. Common errors bloggers make is to buy backlinks. If you purchase a backlink to your site and end getting barred by google, that is, your blog and cash are gone for just one mindless blunder. I’m going to expound concisely how you can build quality backlinks naturally without getting barred with these 6 simple steps.

  • Go on to your browser and search for
  • Input one of your competitors, URL that is doing very well in the search space in on Neil Patel
  • Check your competitor’s top pages, pages they’re ranking for, or the popular pages in their blog.
  •  Navigate to backlinks and you will find all other blogs pointing or linking to your competitor’s content.
  • I want you to choose a popular topic that your competitor is ranking for and create a super-duper, in-depth amazing epistle around that keyword. Create a content that covers every part of that keyword, a content that explains almost everything about that article. Make sure not to plagiarize the content.
  • After creating your content, the next step is to start emailing each site that linked to that content on your competitor’s site about your new article, about how your new article covers many areas than your competitor’s blog content. Send emails to as many blogs linking to competitor content as you can, and watch your site start getting backlinks naturally without paying.

GUEST POSTING. (meaning of seo)

Guest posting is the process of writing blog posts for other blogs. You can easily build backlinks with guest posting, all you have to do is search for blogs that accept guest posts in the same niche with you.

You submit your article to them if they accept your article they can link out to your blog. But some blogs require you to pay before accepting guest posts. It’s also a great way to generate traffics to your blog. All you have a to-do is create a unique content free of plagiarism (copy and paste) and submit it to a bigger blog that is popular, and watch traffics to your blog multiply



The on-page SEO includes optimization within your blog. That is the stuff that has to be done inside your blog for proper indexing. Let’s take look at some of them.  Plugins like yeast SEO can enhance your on-page SEO. It’s a very powerful tool. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Inbound links simply mean pointing or linking to another content on your blog with an anchor text. That is, in your article, there should be a clickable link that can direct people to other content in your blog. Make use of good anchor text, probably a keyword that you want to rank for. Avoid using cheap anchor text like “click here” or “read more” using an exact keyword as an anchor text can help boost your ranking.

OUTBOUND LINKS. (meaning of seo)

An outbound link is the opposite of inbound links. That is, in your content, there should be an outgoing link pointing to one or several blogs outside your own blog. That is a clickable anchor text that can lead users to other websites or blogs. I recommend you use anchor text that does not encourage people to click on. You don’t want people leaving your blog to another blog, because this can increase your bounce rate.


Google crawlers is a robot and cannot see or tell what your pictures look like. Because of this, there should be an alt text on your image, especially on your featured image with your specific keyword.

This will help tell google crawlers what the image is all about. Take, for example, the focus keyword you’re targeting is “Lagos bakery”, your image alt text should have the same keyword, because this will better interpret what the image is all about to google bots.

But you should avoid keyword stuffing at all costs, make it look natural. Keyword stuffing is actually unhealthy for your blog and can seriously affect your chance of ranking on google.  But not to worry, using plugins like yeast can tell your keyword has been over-optimized.


A meta description is a write-up that shows on a site in search engines. Like an overview, that kind of recap the main content. You should use words that would grab the attention of people searching for that particular keyword, the description that would make people want to click on your url.


Most bloggers fail at this and their contents never get to see light of googles front page. Having a replica contents on your site can seriously thwart your chances of ranking on google.

Do away with all duplicate contents on your blog. Content shouldn’t be found twice in your blog. This is why you should use yeast see plugin because it tells you if you already have a particular keyword in your blog

Another mistake most people make is trying to rank for the same keyword twice on the same page. This can also thwart the chances of your content making to Google’s first page.

And if you must rank for the same keyword, you need to create a new page for that particular keyword, this will help google to understand or crawl your blog better.


The permalink, which is the url of content should contain your focus keyword. Try to keep it short and simple. Take, for instance, your keyword is “Best android phones” permalink should be https://yoursitename/best-android-phones/ and nothing else should come after. The short the better.


Siloing refers to building some link juice around your blog. That is if I want to rank for this keyword (Blogging), it is up to me to build 3 to 4 contents that will support or backup the content I’m trying to rank for.

If I create content around “Definition of blogging” which is the keyword I’m trying to rank for, I will create more contents like how to become a “successful blogger” and how to “monetize your blog” and link them to each other. This will give me some authority and in turn boost my ranking. I implemented this all this strategy on one of my new site and the result was overwhelming

The meaning of SEO can vary in different ways because updates their algorithm frequently, because what might work for you and me today, might not work tomorrow. SEO is not constant and so should you

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