iphone 7 plus price

Iphone 7 plus price: iPhones or Apple items are really a resource to own. In Nigeria, iPhones are very costly and anyone who obtains one is often viewed as a BIG BOY in my nation. Iphone 7+ was discharged in September 2016 and this device was very costly in those days. Yet, with the ongoing arrival of...


how to download youtube videos

People often ask this question a lot. How can they download YouTube or Facebook videos to their gallery? This easy to do especially on your laptop. So I have decided to show you how to download YouTube videos directly to your gallery without using any app or software. The...

MEANING OF SEO: how to boost your ranking

meaning of seo

Meaning of SEO: It is without a doubt, that SEO (search engine optimization), is one of the cost-effective sources of traffic, which includes your website or blog showing up on the front or first page of google search results for a specific keyword. But this method can be somewhat tasking, because of the opposition in it.

Definition of blogging and 6 mistakes bloggers make

definition of blogging

The definition of blogging can be considered as the demonstration of broadcasting articles or contents on a website reliably and constantly. However, I’d like to describe a weblog or a blog as a platform that allows people to reflect or share thoughts or ideas on a number of, or a specific topic in form of an online...


how to build a successful blog

Building a blog these days is the norm. anybody can set up a blog anytime. The real problem is how to make it successful and stand out among other blogs. There are more than 200 million blogs in the world right now and more are being published. I’d like to ask a few questions before starting.

FACEBOOK FACE RECOGNITION | How to catch impersonators

facebook face recognition

Facebook face recognition is a magnificent tool, that can help detect or help catch imposters on Facebook. Many people cry about impersonation on Facebook. That is, people are exploiting their photos and personalities to trick people on Facebook for their own childish intrigue. However, not many Facebook users know about this amazing tool called...

Best Affiliates Networks For Nigerians 2020

Affiliate marketing is apparently one of the most used methods to generate cash online worldwide. Affiliate marketing is basic among bloggers and other online marketers. Because it is probably the least challenging schemes to generate income online. For people who don't understand what affiliate marketing really is, let’s take a sneak preview of...

How to link Instagram to Facebook Page

how to link Instagram to Facebook

I will show you how to connect your Instagram to a Facebook business page in just simple steps. This post will reveal how to link your Instagram to a Facebook business page, which can make your work a lot easier. which is great for businesses.  If you link Instagram to Facebook, any post you...

The Good And Bad Side Of 5G Network.


The great and awful side of 5g systems. 5g is another assortment of high speeds. What's more, the world stands to achieve a ton when it is finished. Be that as it may, would it be a good idea for us to be stressed over this innovation? Presently take a full breath before you...

Top 5 skill to learn in Nigeria 2020

5 skill to learn in Nigeria

These are the top 5 skills you should learn in2020: 2020, marks the beginning of another decade, yet the year moving very fast Try not to be positioned in one place and watch the year pass you by any longer without obtaining another skill. In this post, I have gathered some first-class skills to set you up...